Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Single Fare


I'm so so tired! I had about 4 hours of disturbed sleep last night, then a very busy 13 hours day lout of the studio with one activity and meeting leading to another.
Now it's 3:00 AM and there's still so much I want to do! I'm seriously slacking on e-mails and there are so many projects that are half way done or that their deadline is almost here... Oh well...

Anyway, I just finished and packed my Metrocards tarot deck to be delivered tomorrow for a gallery in the neighborhood. I'm pretty excited about this show, and hope that though the open-call did say there is no limits to the amounts of cards each artist can submit, a 23 cards set isn't too much. And that they will show them all.

I'm going to make a print copy to be listed in my shop the moment I have some extra time.


1 comment:

henniemavis said...

Amazingly! I love the photo of all the cards laid out together!