Tuesday, March 30, 2010


All the tears

I didn't shad

Are coming back to haunt me.

I find them

At the bottom of coffee cups

And empty beer bottles,

In fleeting colors and ending of books.

In the quite between songs

And in the mirror.

All my history is written on my face.

I wish I didn't have to read it

Each and every line,

Each and every morning.

I wish I could look forward, the

Way I look back,

And see more lines of laughter

Then lines of sadness and anger.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

as i was falling to sleep last night, i suddenly had a very vivid slideshow of old family photos scanning across my brain. i haven't had this before - not that i can remember anyways. it was calming and disturbing all at once. the memories we have from the past can be so overwhelming, either good or bad, happy or sad or just in between. it's taken me years to get over a lot of things from my past and to learn to live more in the present. i used to believe it when other people in my family told me i was just too sensitive. now i realize it's not about my level of sensitivity, but my level of being aware of life. life has pain and sadness along with the extreme opposite feelings of pleasure and happiness. i'm learning to embrace each of them, the whole spectrum of emotions, and not let them carry me down to a sad, dark place. but if they do, to accept that, too...

i'm babysitting this morning and the baby is asleep so i have plenty of time to read and comment. :)