Sunday, March 14, 2010

A dream

I was supposed to go to an art exhibition opening. I think some of it was of photos I took in an earlier part of the dream, photos of boats shot through a window and the, the same boats shot from the outside, right by the water.

I was supposed to meet a woman there, which was both a work connection and an old friend or an old lover.

I was getting dressed to go. I had the whole outfit in my mind, something very faminin with a lot of layers and lace and fluffy angora in light pink. But I just couldn't wear it right. I kept wearing the top layers first, or wear the whole thing then discovered I forgot to take off the bra and having to start over. I wore parts of the outfit in a way that made it impossible to move, and I got trapped in cloths.

I got more and more nervous about being late, eventually, I called the woman and it turned out, she already left. The event was over and I missed the show.

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