Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anchor song

I've been wanted to make something for A5 magazine ever since they published their new topic for open call. It was remix - an artistic response to a song. The thing is there are so many amazings songs in the world and everytime I had some idea I had to reject it right away feeling like I'm neglecting the one perfect song that I should choose.

I almost gave up on the whole thing, actually I did give up on it already.

Then, on the weekend as I was working on Ashes' book for moleskin exchange, I found myself illustrating a song by Bjork, called anchor song. It's not the most important song in the world, nor is it my favorite, but I do love it and it makes me think of myself at age 20, when I started art school, lived with a friend in a 5th floor apartment with no elevator and listened to this album over and over again. I can't believe that was 14 years ago...

And so I made another version for the illustration in ashes' book today, and send it to the magazine in the nick of time.

I live by the ocean
And during the night
I dive into it
Down to the bottom
Underneath all currents
And drop my anchor
This is where I´m staying
This is my home

anchor for A5


almale said...

wow aya i love it!!!

Julie Takacs said...

i found myself singing the i read your post....