Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Making New Things

Northern Light Vest

Sometimes it's really nice to invent new items. It's not that I'm tried from glasses cases and cards, but it's just nice to be challenged with something new and feel what a new material feels in my hands.

I found this awesome vest in the Salvation Army store - my favorite shopping destination ever! it cost, I'm almost embarrassed to say, 3.99, and it's really beautifully made and just feels great. I spend 3 days embroidering it with a lilac elk and a shooting star. It was so much fun to make, even though it took ages...

This heavy wool like fabric is the best embroidery surface I found so far, it was a pleasure to work with.

Also, after our oven was finally fixed, I finally discovered the awesomeness of Phabeo porcelain paints. And used them to make 3 small vases. One was already sold this morning!

bird vase

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Eric Barclay said...

Like your new vest! That's a really cool design and neat way to make it your own. Your chicken vase is outstanding as well.