Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Storm


I don't think I've ever seen so much snow, it was beautiful (though very cold) around here in the past couple of days.

Last Night Ned and I went out at about 3:00 AM to get some snacks and take some pictures, the streets were all full of clear white snow, untreated and so soft it felt like walking on icing sugar. The walk to the corner store felt pretty nice on the way there, with the wind to our back and horribly cold on the way back, I've trie taking as many photos as possible before my fingers started freezing!


Today, Ned and I went into the city, which looks very different while it snows then Brooklyn. The snow is being cleared from the roads and sidewalks so efficiently it feels like it's barely there. I walked around union square and the park, and it was beautiful. Though no birds or squirrels in sight, at the end I've found a couple of the birds huddled together on the construction area, I think the warmth from the cars was more appealing then the bare trees.


It's been a slow sad day, tomorrow we are going to see Ned's father in the hospital. He got a room today and starting treatment tomorrow. even though some good stuff happened - I was on Etsy's front page, and then sold a creamer and sugar bowl set, and I think I won the apartment therapy competition (winner hadn't been announced yet, but I got more votes then anyone else in my category), it all feels insagnificat and unimportant compare to all the sadness.

sad ned

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