Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good things comes in 3!


We had such a rough day today, spending most of it in the Hospital with Ned's father. He hasn't gone though any treatments yet, and he's really strong and wonderful throughout this whole thing, but man! it just seem so unfair that he get to be locked up in a room for 3 weeks and go through horrible, painful treatments. It really sucks.

I'm usually not the type of person that focus on the good things, and over all, much rather just feel what there is to feel in a tough situation. But I guess it's just overwhelming to figure this whole situation out at once, so I am trying to focus on some good things that happened today.

The first is that I won the Apartment therapy competition! how awesome is that! seeing the other tutorials I didn't think I stood a chance - everyone else did big things, like building an irrigation system or redecorating a whole house. But... I won! and by far! I had 20 votes more then second place!

Thanks for everyone who voted for me!
and read more about it here!

the sea

This is really and truly amazing, I'm so moved I'm speechless.

It's so cold in NY, there are icicles hanging from street signs and traffic light and the streets are covered in snow.
With the shitty feeling I had all day it was so so wonderful to come home and find a letter from Gali Rose, sending me some of her awesome photographs of the Tel Aviv beach!

I miss Israel so much this month, cause it's been a year since my last visit and cause it's so cold here and cause being in NY and dealing with all the family stuff is really hard, and so it's really really great to be reminded of how much I love it there.

Thanks Gali! you totally rock!

cracker jack

A whole bag of Cracker Jacks!
Cause when all else fails, sugar is your best friend... and peanuts of course!

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