Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Gym....

Ned goes to the gym almost everyday (unless we woke up too late or we have something better to do or he doesn't feel like it) but over all he's really good about exercising. I on the other hand, keep promising that I'll go back to yoga and never do anything about it...really, I'm so bad, that last time I exercised was before we got married.

I guess my only work out is carrying my backpack around with all the art supply in it. Ned calls it "my studio", and it's just getting heavier and heavier. right now it's got a couple of reference books, an old book which pages I use for paper, 2 packs of water color and about 6 identical pens, and of course the MP3 player so I can listen to audio books while I draw, also, at the bottom, there are a million other things who got lost in the back and just wonder around aimlessly looking for a why out.

So, while Ned is at the gym, I do my own gym time by going to one of my favorite cafes and drawing for a couple of hours till Ned finish his exercise and come to pick me up.




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