Sunday, April 4, 2010


After 3 days of running around like crazy, great frustrations and greater amazments and successes, We woke up this morning with no real plans and nothing urgent to do. Both Ned and I were feeling so out of sort and aimless it took us over 2 hours to decide where we want to have breakfast, eventually landing is a spot that isn't great or quite, but that was a little familiar from our last trip. We ate in silence playing with our phone and too confused and tired to communicate.

Eventually we decided to drive to the beach. It's easter Sunday, and the boardwalk was packed with families heading to the amusment park, shreaking children and seagulls mixing their shouts.

We took our shoes off and walked on the send, I felt my bones stretching, and my mind swinging between anxiety and relaxation. We stayed there for a long time, I'm lying down on the sand, and Ned sitting, trying to protect his camera from sand and salt. We took some photos, looked into the ocean, and at the people and the birds.

I feel like I was falling through a tunnle for days, then the sand on the beach broke my fall, and I finally woke up, back into my body, covered in sand.

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