Friday, June 27, 2008

Fierce - Illustration Friday



Illustration Friday word of the week was "Fierce" it reminded me of a part of a part of a golden dawn text I read a few years ago, describing a path through an ordeal - the whole sentence was:

The Fear of Darkness & of Death
The Fear of Water & of Fire
The Fear of the Chasm & the Chain
The Fear of Hell & the dead Breath.
The Fear of Him, the Demon dire
That on the Threshold of the Inane
Stands with his Dragon Fear to slay
The Pilgrim of the Way.
Thus I pass by with Force & Care,
Advance with Fortitude & Wit,
In the straight Path, or else Their Snare
Were surely Infinite.

It made me thing of a knight passing straight on a narrow bridge over a pit full of monsters. And how the best way going through a difficult patch is focus on yourself rather then on all the problems.

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Anonymous said...

really beautiful work - your illustrations are wonderful!