Monday, June 30, 2008


books - adult version

This big book project started with a huge piece of set paper that was left on the floor, ready to be folded and thrown away after a shoot last week. I hate throwing out paper, it always feels like a horrible waste, especially since this piece was almost all clean and the gray color Ned's using now is really beautiful.

So, I decided to cut it down and use the paper to make stab stitched books, it was too hot today to make anything that takes too much concentration and it was nice to work with my hand, cutting and hammering for hours.

While I was working on those, Ned and I were making jokes about selling the set paper to some perverts on ebay, who would want to own a piece of something the model's body touched, like this whole strange dirty underwear and a picture thing. So though we decided not to sell the paper on ebay, we did make another set of notebooks together, using the images from the shoot as decoration for the front of the book. I really like how they look and the idea of something physically present from the shoot get to be inside the book.

18 books in one day!

Damn! my arm rally hurts... but I think it was worth it!

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