Sunday, August 2, 2009

Law & Order


So finally after a 10 month wait, the episode of Law & Order CI made it to TV. We watched it tonight with Persiana, Andrew, Chava and Ned's parents. It was a really special experience to be surrounded with friends and have a special dinner Ned's mom made for us and have both family and friend present at this moment.

I wasn't sure how it's going to go, just the notion of sitting down to watch a whole TV show was strange, since i haven't done that in a few years. I kept being afraid that it's going to be super lame or that they'll cut out all of the scenes our photos were in.

Neither happened, the show looked good, all the scenes aside of one made it and the photos were screen 5 or 6 times and looked really good.

It's pretty amazing to think that Ned and I are going to live forever in reruns...

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