Friday, August 28, 2009



Look at what a cool thing Ned did! I'm so proud of him and happy with how it turned out.

We went to "The Juggs" show on Tuesday, it was such an awesome show, though sadly, because of my ankle, I had to sit in the corner through most of it, instead of run around, dance and take pictures. When we got home, it turned out I shot 250 photos, and Ned shot 450! instead of editing them down, he used all of them to make the coolest music video.

We run into a bunch of technical difficulties, being that this is by far much longer then any other clip we've made, but got over most, though there's room for improvement in the compression department which I'll try ot deal with in a future date.

watch the clip here.

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lostfoundagain said...

That's really neat! It's a cool video and good music too! Is your ankle better?