Thursday, August 27, 2009

Insects and Animals


Next step in the big clean up project was to empty out the drawers of my desk (I guess I'm getting closer to dealing with the horror of horrors - the actual desk top), I haven't empty those out since I got this desk as a gift from my downstairs neighbor, over 2 years ago, and was really drawing the moment. There were stuff there from a long time ago...

It turned out that it was easier then I thought, most of it was half finished drawings, paper I collected for no good reason. dried markers and ink stamps, fabric scraps and other small pieces of junk. There were 2 drawers that were filled with Etsy stuff that got expired ages ago, past thrown out and part kept for giveaways and gifts (about 1 half filled drawer left).

I also found 4 insects drawings i made for a swap that never happened, and 3 tarot cards I started working on, but never get past the 3.

All those are listed in the store, as a part of the big art sale.


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