Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mounting Spray

inspiration cards

One of the things that I got really used to over the past couple of years is finishing every project before going to sleep. It's the advantage of making my own hours and working for myself - I don't have to wake up a certain hours on most days, and so every craft project or art piece can be finished before I turn in.

It means I get to see a lot of sunrise, and also that I wake up sort of confused and disoriented, but with a metaphorically (though very rarely physically) clean desk.

So tonight I was working on an order for new tarot cards, a very nice buyer ordered the 3 minor arcana decks and I decided to make 2 of each, one for her and one for the store.

Making cards is a strange process - I already done the design and also, know what works best color wise, there isn't that much creativity in making them, just a series of small tasks: printing, painting, cutting, mounting, cutting again. printing, cutting pasting and painting the instruction. cutting fabric, ironing, sewing, ironing again and putting it all together.

So tonight, at around 10:00 I was done with the painting of the cards and as I was mounting, I discovered that the mounting spray is basically empty, there's just nothing in it, I manage to paste one deck, but the second is still sitting on the floor having to wait till tomorrow, till the art store opens and I can get some more.

I really hate not being able to finish those, it feels as if they are looking at me...

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I'd love to have one deck of your "Black Lilly Inspirational Cards".
Gorgeous & Magical ...

One day I will.
One day.

x x x