Monday, June 8, 2009

Potato and Beet Salad

I already published one recipe for potato salad here before, but I guess it being summer finally (though you would not be able to tell that from the crazy storm outside now) and looking for something tasty, healthy and not too warming, potato salad in all shape and form is perfect for us.

I made a big batch and we eat half of it warm for dinner yesterday and half of it cold for lunch today. the texture and flavor changed entirely, it was almost like 2 different dishes. I think we both liked it better cold though it was really nice warm to.

Ingredients (for 4 people as a meal or 8 as a side)
3 large potatoes
1 large beat
3-4 cloves of garlic

a pickle
some fresh dill

For dressing:
1/2 tea spoon of coriander seeds
1 tea spoon of mustered
juice from 1 lime
a chilly (I used a green habanero but a Jalapeno can work just as well).

Some yogurt for decoration.

- As you can see, no salt, we try to avoid it as much as possible, I know I eat too much salt already when I eat out, so at home, I cook without, if you don't mind salt, there should probably be about half a tea spoon in the dressing.

The cooking part:

Dice the beat and potato to about 1"x1" cubes peal and chop the garlic into large chucks (cut each clove into 2 or 3 pieces) cook in water for about 20-30 minute till soft, but still chewy. Strain from water.

The dressing part:

While the potato and beat are cooking, chop the dill (I used about half of a large pack, but you can use less) and the pickle to small bits.

Also, make dressing - I use a small glass jar, because it's easier to put the lead on and just shake it: Crush the coriander seeds with a spoon, to release their flavor (give it a shot even if you hate coriander, the seeds taste very differently then the plant) then add the lime juice, olive oil, and mustered, chop the chilly to tiny bits and add to the dressing, close the lead and shake the jar.

Putting it together:

While the potatoes & beet are still warm and after you strain them, put them in a bowl (I use the tupperware they are going to be in late,r to save on dishes...) and pour the dressing over them, it'll absorbed right away in the warm potatoes. then mix with the deal and pickle.

On the plate, decorate with some yogurt. it taste really great together!


Sharona R. said...

Looks yummy, and I love beets. I will give it a try, thanks!

mollypeck said...

This thunderstorm IS crazy! My dog had a tummy/sick/poo emergency, so we went for an impromptu walk and got drenched (and scared by nearby lightning!!).

This recipe is making me so hungry-- I adore beets!

Aya Rosen said...

I hated beets till about 3 years ago, but now I love them and feel like I need to be making up for 3 years of no beets!

Ned eat them raw like apples - just bite through and eat the whole thing!