Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rockabilly blog winner!


Remember a couple of weeks ago, I announced a rockabilly special blog raffle?!well it's time ot see who won it.

Only 12 people signed up for this raffle, which surprised me, because this is the biggest gift I ever offered on raffle, I wonder if it means that it doesn't matter what you offer as a prize on a raffle, or that this was simply not to everyone's taste.

At any rate - thanks for all participants, and congratulations to Cabootique who is the winner!

Stay tune! I'm going to announce the next raffle in the beginning of next week.


Sharona R. said...

Ahh I didn't win :o(

But I am overweight, you could count me as two small people!

Karalee said...

found your blog a couple of weekends ago and pretty much read and browsed all the way back to the beginning. love it. thanks. i gave you an award that i just received the other day - http://www.karaleeserra.com/blog/?p=289

Cabootique said...

Yay! Thanks so much. I e-mailed you back my contact info!