Thursday, November 27, 2008

A dream I forgot

I've made this drawing a few months ago, then, I took the sketchbook on one of our motorcycle trips, we got soaked in the trip and only when we got to the motel, I realized that my sketchbook got wet. A lot of the drawings in it faded or got stained, this one was the worst of all, and since t was the newest, I didn't even get to scan it before it got destroyed.

I got so upset over this, I never used the sketchbook afterwards. It was in my bag every single day, but between getting ready for the exhibition and doing work on other type of paper that were meant for the store - I just sort of forgot about this.

Yesterday, I was thinking about a friend that lost her camera a couple of weeks ago and doesn't want to get a new one, feeling like somehow, the world should correct itself and give her her old camera back.

I decided to break the no use on the sketchbook thing, and used it for 4 new drawings for a project I'm working on, looking back on the destroyed painting, I sort of like it now.


lostfoundagain said... it took you a few months to come back to this sketchbook? Maybe I'll be back to photography in a few months, who knows?

I do really love this drawing.

Aya Rosen said...


I did do a lot of drawings and paintings in other forms, one of the nice things about this is that it "got me out of the sketchbook" and I made a lot more art to sell and for the exhibition.