Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Monocromatic day


The past couple of days were very hectic. I had to take care of a stack of annoying formalities, mostly (thanks gods or whoever else is responsible for such things) over the phone.

Also, we met a massive amount of people over the past couple of days, it's so wonderful to see so many friends, and especially from the distance of about 2 years - it's really interesting and inspiring to see how much everyone grew, learned, settled down in themselves, and mostly - are happier then they used to be. Or at least how it seem to me, maybe I just learned to see happiness better.

Tomorrow is the big stressful day - we are going to a meeting with the Jerusalem museum art curator in the morning, then meeting my dad, my sister and my grandparents - all this in Jerusalem - a city I don't really like and not at all feel comfortable anymore. I'm nervous about how early we need to get up, and about how the meeting will go, and about meeting my family. Somehow, I don't think that this will discover new resolves of happiness.

So today, I decided to not make any plans. Me and Ned had a leisurely breakfast with my sister, who worked in the afternoon, then Ned went to the gym and I manage to get about a half hour of quite drawing in a cafe. We walked around all afternoon, going to the beach, the market, and just aimlessly wondering around the different neighborhoods.



Unknown said...


hope the meeting results in huge positives!

we don't like to go to jerusalem either. :)

lostfoundagain said...

how did the meeting go?

I'm glad you're having a good time and for selfish reasons, I cant wait til you guys get back!