Tuesday, October 20, 2009

koi fish pond

I started to work on a website for a cool client a while ago, and really had to finish the homepage today. It's funny how HTML goes for me, I really hate making websites, until I'm into the project and then I love it.

And so, in order to not work on the website, I went to Pearl River today to get some more plates, went to draw for a bit in a coffee shop, and then made 8 different tapas plates, 4 with birds, and 4 with Koi fish.

Then it was really time to work, so I tackled the website and in about 5 hours of super concentration, the homepage was finally done.

Then I made some pasta, granola for Ned and took photos of the new plates.

I like those super productive days, but no matter how much I manage to finish, I still feel like I haven't done enough.

koi fish pond
koi fish pond

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blissful chick said...

OMG these are stunning!