Thursday, April 2, 2009


New-York-Mag, originally uploaded by Aya Rosen.

Last week (I think) I got an e-mail from Adam at Etsy. He asked me to send a high rez image of my bottles for a possible New York Magazine feature. I was really excited and ask a bunch of people to cross their fingers for me without telling them what it's for - I was too scared of getting disappointing.

So, today I went into the magazine store and looked for the article and there it was! the bottles in a really cool spot on the page! Wow!

I haven't slept at all tonight, combination of work, totally messed up sleeping schedule and insomnia, this feels like a very odd dream.


Snowberry and Lime said...

congratulations, that is very cool! I love those little bottles, they were a great idea. :)

Blanche and Guy said...

that's fricken awesome! i have to come up with a new word. eze yofi! congrats Aya!

Love Honor Disobey said...

Hi Hi...I'm a new reader...hello hello! (I found you via Flickr)

Well done on the magazine spread...looks great. Oh, and I completely empathise with you with insomnia...I suffer very badly with it and I'm always sleep deprived. It's a real pisser. Sleeping pills work but I dont want to get strung I just tough it out (and spend many nights doing art!)x

mollypeck said...

Wow! Congratulations-- that is wonderful! You will probably sell out of the "Happy Pills" bottles!