Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eye Level Gallery BQE


We went to the photodrifting BQE show at the Eye Level Gallery last night. It was really fun. I've never had a photograph in a show before and it felt really nice to see it on the window in the gallery. There's something really cool about being in a gallery opening that doesn't involve my main artistic medium, somehow it was a lot less stressful then if this would have been a painting or a drawing.

Also, I finally got to meet JP - the awesome curator and founder of Photodrifting, it was so nice to finally match a face and a voice to an online persona! thanks JP for making this happen!

I'm trying to remind myself of how much fun this was, and that i'm doing good, I just got news that I was rejected from the About Glamore Fairy tale show - which I really really wanted to be in.


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