Friday, April 24, 2009

New mugs

New cups

Some projects happens because i plan them in my mind for a while until they ripe and I go, get supplies, make the time to work on them and follow my plan step by step.

Some project happens because I found something inspiring or a cool new material or just cause my hands were bored.

I guess this was a combination of both, I had the idea of making a tea or coffee set with a bunch of cups and not just one or two and have them all with similar pattern but different colors. Somehow it looked like a too large project and I never got around to it.
Then a few days ago, I was in the salvation army store getting some cloths and idea for a shoot tomorrow, I found a set of 5 large mugs, each was 79 cents! I just couldn't leave them in the store. They very rarely have matching pieces, so I was happy to take advantage of those.

Then it was just about putting the time into it, so yesterday, in the first work days I had since I got sick I just set all day and made those. I really couldn't be happier with how they came out! secretly I hope that one person would decide to splurge and buy them all, I love how those look together.

new cups
New cups
New cups

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