Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art Kit GiveAway Galore!

Mini Art kits giveaways

Aren't those Beautiful?!

I made 8 new small art kits containing 2 small pencils and a 6"X4" hand bound notebook with one of my inspiration cards on the cover, all fit snugly in a quilted case made of colorful cool fabrics.

I'm giving them away to anyone who buy something from my Etsy store and send me the code "artkitgalore" in the "massage for seller".

There only are 8 of those so get them before they are all gone!


Madame Rubies said...

These are awesome!

Jen said...

These are nice...I would give it to the art teacher at my son's school.

Vespine Gallery said...

Aya Rosen:

Vespine Gallery in Chicago is trying to get in touch with you. We'd like to invite you to exhibit your work in November. (We take no commission on sales.) If you're interested, please email us at