Friday, May 9, 2008



Back to NY after a mote amazing trip ever - eventually we made it to 2 weeks of motorcycling, hoteling, site seeing and photographing. You can read about it more here.

So eventually, back at home, trying to get myself into work pace again and failing, I did manage to get to Illustrator Friday today, the topic was "electricity" and I made those 2 small drawings for it, the reference is a book from the 70's that I found on those outdoor carts on Strand for 50 cents.

I really like how box like those kitchen appliences look on the outside and how intricate and complicated they look on the inside.


benconservato said...

lovely piece! You are one of my favourite Etsians!

GLADYS B said...

hallo aya :)
i really love your style, the draw it's really nice!

keep creating nice works, and thanks for comment.

bye gladys

SENTA said...

These turned out really great, love the colors and the retro look...