Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 2

Seaside Wheel

Morning at the Sheraton Columbia Hotel. It’s clouded and foggy outside, there’s a beautiful view of a lake and a forest. We are in some strange hi tech and business area with really nothing but office buildings andhuge chain outlet stores, by the looks of it.

Still all foggy by the absence of coffee and not enoughsleep. I really wanted to write about Yesterday, but it was already 2:00 AM andI went to sleep. Sitting in the bath while Ned was on the computer. I was doingthis math: Writing down everything that happened today will take about 3 hour,if I also want to download some photos and post them in the website, that’sprobably about another hour, I also want to draw a bit, let say, another halfan hour. And I still won’t be getting everything I want on paper \ file.However, if I wait till morning, not only I probably won’t have the time, butalso, I forget a lot, not so much the other stories of places and people butthat abstract feeling of how a moment is, and how I am in it.

I’m frustrated with the mapping program as well, because i can’t just register everything I want it to. I don’t know why documenting thisjourney is so important, but it feels right now that on every moment I spend onthe road I would have to spend a moment writing about it, is it more importantto document then to experience? Probably not, but then again, the documentation makes the memories, and somehow, making memories feels important now.

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