Sunday, April 13, 2008

Book Making Day

Art Nouveau journal

A few months ago in preparing to a truck show at Ned's mom's house, I made 8 books in 2 days! It went well and they came out beautiful, 6 of them actually sold, however, I think I lost my taste for it after that, it was just a bit too much. However, today, I was back to it and it was very rewarding to discover that I was still able to make them and didn't even need a reminder of how to do it.

The reason for the return to book binding was this custom order:


I suggested this to a really nice girl who was looking for a gift for her boyfriend for when she's away on a trip to NY. I remembered reading in a a Chuck Palahniuk book about an old sailors wife's tradition of writing a diary in their husband's absence so that upon his return, he'll know what went on. I made her 2 matching diaries so they can both write their thoughts and experience while they are apart.

The cover shows a portrait of them and a quote from an EE Cummings poem.

Since I was already making books, I also made one for the store, it's a beautiful Art Nouveau inspired book with a fancy lady on the cover.

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