Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekly Summery

Sales This week: 2

Hearts: 301

Treasuries: Curated 2

Main source of inspiration: A random photo of flickr of a bear, inspired me to create 3 notebooks with images of dears.

Best thing to eat: undoubtedly the Fried Chicken at Egg. The started doing dinners this week!

Shopping: Actually, there's extra in the kitty box for shopping, I had to return papers I got last week, so 6$ back from Staples. Still need to solve the paper problem though... I got 3 skeins of embroidery floss just cause they were pretty. And a pack of nice blend wool felt came in from Australia, I ordered it from an Etsy store a couple of weeks back and got them today.

Greatest achievement: Not the best week for me, I'm glad I manage to keep the store going even though it was slow and I felt crappy.

Disappointments: Only 2 sales?! that sucks!

OK, so lets see how I did with this weeks goals...

1. Last week I made my monthly goal of sales, it was 25 - I was hoping to make it to 30 by the end of the month. I'm on 27 sales now, there are still a couple of days, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

2. Make 2 tarot decks for the store - done! there are in there now

3. Starting to work on the minor arcana cards - this sadly did not happened at all!

4. Make a new weasel and a new fox - big success! I not only made a new weasel and fox, they both got sold! I was so excited that I made another weasel, she's up for sale now!

5. And idea for a new item never got executed. I might give it a shot tonight. instead however, I made some new notebooks, so I think it balanced it out nicely...

6.I did write a cut out + keep tutorial.

7. I got 2 treasuries, which was great, one was dedicated to block printing and the other to peanut butter and chocolate colors. I wasn't featured in any, bummer.

Goals for next week

1. list a new item everyday - so far this had been the best tactic to get buyers - just keep the shop fresh.

2. Try and get the cream paper I was using originally for the tarot. If I find it - make 2 new decks.

3. Make another fox and get some red felt for a weasel like fox and make one.

4. I'm really scared to do this for some reason, I guess cause I'm more sensitive about art then about crafts, but I got to get over that - list at least one art print \ drawing \ painting.

5. get at least one more treasury and hopefully, be in one.

6. Write a blog review about another store.

7. Get those minor Arcana cards going!

As said, this was not the best Etsy week ever to say the least - so hopefully, next week will be better - wish me luck!

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