Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not much to report...

Man, am I having a slow week...

Only one sale this week so far, it sucks! In my defense or rather fault, I haven't been doing that much. We are shifting our schedule into daytime and it's hard for me to craft and work while there's light outside, I don't know why but the quietness and darkness get me all active.
I have been renewing some older items this week, but nothing sold - it's a crappy feeling when things are going slow.

I did have some minor achievements in the past couple of days.

I did manage to get a treasury, which was fun, I dedicate it to block printing which I love. It gave me a chance to show off the store of 2 favorite artists and flickr friends M.Lee and Felicitate88 I've already got a plan for another one and I'll try to catch it tonight.

Also, the new weasel I made, sold less then 24 hours after I put it in the store.

And - I made a new fox, Ned's taking pictures of it now, I think I'm going to call it "henry".

Also I made 2 new Tarot decks, one is in the store and one still haven't been photographed, hopefully it will be listed later today. And a new set of Bookmarks.

I still hope to start working on the minor arcana illustrations this weekend and make a new weasel, the store's sad without one...

I just wish there were more sales going on!

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