Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Quick Red Fox...

The Quick Red Fox 365:11

Last week I got a new Tattoo, it's a fox. For a while I wanted a new one and Ned wanted a new one as well, we've been planning them basically since last May, when it was Ned's birthday. I was planning to get an owl and he was planning to get a Bison. Every time he set to design his, he got stuck, we end up having bison Tshirts and bison cigarette case (it was when he was still smoking) and bison stenciled on our motorcycle helmets, but no tattoos.

Eventually, and based on a couple of days choice, I end up getting a fox and he end up getting a wolf - which is cool cause there are a lot of similarities between those 2 animals, it feels like it's the day and night versions of the same thing.

I chose a fox for many qualities I feel like I'm missing - quickness, daring, courage, cunning and spunk. I hope that the spirit of the fox would encourage me to push myself harder in interacting with people and promoting myself.

So today, to celebrate Ned's wolf and my fox, I made this red fox doll, it's prefect if you want to bring the same energies into your life, but don't want to commit to a tattoo.
Also, to celebrate Ned's wolf, I curated this treasury - which is dedicated to this beautiful and wild animal.

Etsy was pretty quite today, no sales and very few views, I spend most of the day working on the minor arcana cards - I illustrated 5 already - so 9 more to go before I finish the cups series. I really hope I make a sale soon, this is starting to be too depressing...

However, not all is bad because I found out today that I'm in the Gift guide! one of the felt notebook made it and I'm sure the bear is now patronizing over the other two and think he's all that just because he's in the gift guide...

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