Sunday, January 27, 2008

A little Better!


Sales today
: 1
Items posted: 3 (a fox, a deck of cards and a weasel )
packages send out: 0
Main source of inspiration: A shoot we had yesterday, nothing concrete came out of it, but I have some cool ideas.
Best thing to eat: Man, we totally let loose today - 3 meals out and non of them healthy! but the best (and worth) was dessert at Blackbird Parlor - I had the Baklava!

After the excitement from the shoot and last week being so strange that I couldn't bring myself to do much, I finally manage to dedicate a whole day to the Etsy store - and there are some results!

Last week Eliza Fox was sold to a nice lady in Ohio, she mentioned that if I make another guy she'd be interested. So when I finished making Edward Fox I send her a convo and she bought it right away. I'm sad to see him go, he's the best fox I made so far and I'm especially proud of him.

Also posted today - the first of the low budget tarot deck, basically, the same cards I've made in the past, but because they are unpainted and the case is simpler to make, I could knock the price by quite a bit. So that's good... I hope that some people who wanted them before but could not afford them, might buy this deck.

The Weasels always take so much more time then I plan for them, but I enjoy making them so much. When I made the first one, I named it after my neighbor's son, since then I created the whole family across the hall, 4 weasels in all. So now I had to find a new resource of names... I decided to name this one after the downstairs neighbor, a really nice shy girl called Laurel. I'm going to name the next one after Laurel's dog!

And last, but not least - I manage to get a treasury, as today was dessert night - I named it after my favorite dessert ever - peanut butter chocolate pie.

So - one sales and a lot of promotion and crafting, over all a very good day!

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