Friday, August 13, 2010

Ballookey's book pages 2 & 3


Started the second page today and finished it this evening. Ned and I were shooting in the morning but things were going all unorganized, one of the models cancel, the hair stylist was late and then didn't show up either.
It was very nice to escape to a world that doesn't depend on other people...

The moleskine coated paper is giving me trouble, but I'm trying to resolve it in different ways. Some markers, a different type of markers and some crayons. My favorite markers work really nice on this, but the tip is very narrow and it take ages to cover the areas I want to paint.

Also, some interesting pen testing, which I might write more about it a bit.

I'm not sure how my next few days are going to be work-wise, but if nothing happened, I hope to get the book out to Anders on Monday or Tuesday (but we'll see what happens).

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