Sunday, May 17, 2009

About photography and maturity


One of the things I like a lot about shooting fashion nudes is being exposed for a day or so to a totally new person, who I would, in most cases, never get a chance to hang out with otherwise. A while ago, we shot a 39 year old flight attended from France, it was really cool to get to know her and learn about her work environment, the difference between different countries' photographer and what drew her into wanting to model.

This is especially true for young models, Ned and I work with a couple of new faces departments in different modeling agencies and I can't really imagine any other situation in my life that will get me to spend half a day with a 15 or 16 year old.

Part of me is really enjoying it, part of me feels very old to hear about a person's experiences in high school as something that's going on now, and not as a long forgotten memory.

What's really nice is to realize that though age, as a number is a definite, maturity and adulthood is mostly a matter of choice and life situations, in the past year I met a 16 year old who had such a practical and focused attitude to life it left me jealous at her maturity, a 27 year old who was acting as a rebellious and totally irresponsible teen and a 40 year old who's as warm and fun and trusting as a 10 year old - and probably just about everything in between.

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Sharona R. said...

I love what you wrote, especially your last paragraph. You have a clear eye for truth and beauty!