Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Moleskine (long story!)


A few months ago, I had a really inspiring conversation with a friend who was visiting NY, she said how she decided that every birthday she'll do one thing she's scared of. I thought it was a damn good idea and decided to try it as well.

This year I decided to finally get started on the A3 moleskin that I got almost a year before but were to afraid to deal with, it's much much bigger then the size I'm comfortable drawing on.

So, on my birthday, I took the book out to Blackbird parlour and started working on it. Ned came to pick me up and we walked into a store or two then headed home. The next day, I wanted to take the book with me again, and - it was gone! I couldn't find it anywhere...

I went to the stores and the cafe, and turned the apartment upside down, and - nothing! no book! and it's not an easy thing to not see, I mean it is about 12"X16".

After 2 days of searching I decided it was simply gone. I decided to take it as a sign and come to terms with it. I ordered 2 new books online, an A4 and an 8"X5", and waited for them to show up so I can go back to drawing. After 2 days I got so angry and decided to ignore the stupid sign. I went to the book store and got a new A3, and started it right away.

2 days after that, I was drawing in Blackbird parlour again, and the waitress came over and asked "did you loose a big moleskin?!" turned out, she found it, and was afraid if she'll leave it in the cafe, someone will spill something on it, so she took it home with her till she see me again! how nice was that?!

So now I have enough moleskines for a couple of years... and I'm slowly getting use to the huge A3.
love (detail)
love (detail)

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