Saturday, September 18, 2010

moleskine exchange - funny train story

I got Micheal's book from Heidi a couple of days ago, in the middle of fashion week. Ned and I were shooting some of the shows, and at the same time, I was also working on the biggest illustration project I nailed since moving to NY (it's secret, so I can't talk about it...) basically, no sleep and just work for about a week.

On Thursday it was basically all over, and I was left with a lot of errands I had no time to do over the week. So, I went on a long ride to IKEA to get some cheap dishes for a paint on porcelain class I'm teaching next month. Since it's about 45 minutes on the train, I took Micheal's book to start working on it.

I started drawings and one stop after me this cool looking girl came on the train and sat by me - she started asking about my drawings and said she just moved to a new apartment and it trying to find the right art for her bedroom and I gave her my card and we went on chatting. Then, right before she took off, I realized that all this time what she really liked on the page was Heidi's garlic on the other side of the page!

So Heidi - if you are getting an e-mail from an excited new Yorker looking to buy some paintings, that's how she found you...

today was the first rest day after everything was over and so, I finished my first double spread on Micheal book.

Micheal book
Micheal book
Micheal book

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