Saturday, June 12, 2010

Joined effort

One of my favorite things is getting privet orders from people, not only it's nice to know what I'm making is what they want and that it's going to get bought, but when people are specific, I end up designing things that were not in my natural range of thought.
I really like insects, but spiders? and Tarantulas at that?! I thought no one would even considered something like this as a nice thing to have on their coffee table... However, as it turned out, some people would cause I got an order for a "Tarantulas in black and green" sugar bowl and milk jugs.
This was really fun to make, especially after a week of making all seahorses, birds and octopuses for the craft fair...

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henniemavis said...

Hey, how did that craft fair go? I've done fairs before with my painted glassware. Some fairs go very well, others are bombs. I hope you had a good first fair :-)

And tarantulas... yes, well... I suppose all creatures are loved by someone, HA! Thank God for that.