Monday, June 28, 2010

A dream

In my dream you had a baby, it was born prematurly.

I had to get you and the baby to the hospital.

The baby was tiny, I held her in my feast, but her body was proportioned like and adult.

She had long brown hair, like mine.

I couldn't find the way to the right ward, and you were dragging behind, you were being so mean, insulting me, laughing at me. I used my other hand to drag you. You kept blaming me for things I knew I didn't do and I kept saying "fine, fine, we'll talk about it later".

Between my one hand holding your wrist and the other holding the baby, I had to drop all of my stuff, my hat, my jacket, my handbag, and just run and run, with you dragging me back.

When I woke up my fist was cletched so hard and my hand was full of sweat.

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