Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friends Forever!

Freinds forever

A wonderful buyer from my etsy store wrote and asked me to make an original painting for her, as a Christmas present for her best friend - they are friends for over 30 years! I really like her request, a drawing of birds in green and blue and the words "friends forever".

At the same time I got an e-mail from a cool store in Brooklyn asking for prints for a charity show for a bunny shelter (how can you not donate money \ art to a bunny shelter?!) and I decided to use the draft sketch I made for the painting as an image for a gocco print.

I finish the prints today on watercolor paper, sketch paper and old book paper, they are beautiful and very colorful! I painted each of those by hand, in different colors.

So, a bunch are going to be sold at the Fact and Fancy art show or, you can have one, absolutly free with perches of anything from my shop, if you use the secret password "SAVEtheBUNNIES" in the massage to the seller section.

Freinds forever

Freinds forever

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