Friday, October 10, 2008

busy with Pottery


Black swan love Sake set

Been so busy this week!

My supply of round vases finally run out, and though I'm really sad that there are non left, I was really happy to do some more research \ shopping last weekend, and found some beautiful sake bottles \ vases in a cool restaurant supply shop in Bowery street. The store was so cool, I wanted to buy everything, but eventually I just got the vases.
Then a couple of days afterwards, an order came for 11 of those vases! so I did have to go again and get another one! how cool is that?! So, then I couldn't resist and I also got some sake cups and Japanese style tea cups.

But that was not the end...

Sadly, 4 of the old vases that were ordered broke in shipping, and I had to find other round vases, looking everywhere, the only place I could find something vaguely similar was IKEA. Ned and I took the bike to the new branch in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
I got 4 vases as replacement and then another 10 cups and one large vase (and a planter, but that's for the house).Link

Ever since, I've been trapped in the studio painting birds, insects and animals like crazy.

So - already done:
11 vases for a whole sell order
4 replacement vases for the one that got broken
1 Sake bottle and cups set with swans
4 cups \ planters \ vases with birds

I can just go on and on with painting those, it's so much fun! However, I need to get some stuff ready for Ned's mom trunk show and so, it's time for some sewing...


Sharon said...

Aya these are beautiful. I may have to break my spending fast

Anonymous said...

I love those restaurant supply stores - so many things to buy! Your painted vases are terrific. Congrats on the wholesale order!