Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm leaveing, on a jet plane...

So, I haven't written here in a while and it's mostly because things got so busy and crazy there was just no time for it. I was supposed to make monthly goals and stuff like that and summarize the month, but too many good things happened and now, I'm just finishing everything up.

First piece of good news is that I was selected from all the thousands of Etsy stores to be featured artist in the beginning of last week, I answered the interview's questions feeling really stupid and condescending, but Ned said it was good so I send it. I made 20 sales in 2 days... but even more wonderful was getting an overwhelming amount of e-mails from people who really liked what I said and wanted to say hi and thanks.

Something cool happened a couple of days later, one of Etsy's people contact me about doing a video podcast about me and Ned - and I said yes, I wrote her a long e-mail about a month and a half before when she asked about people who had "handmade weddings" and forgot all about it, she came over and talked to us in front of a camera, we were both feeling goofy, but I think we did pretty good. It was really fun.

The third thing is that I'm flying to Israel tomorrow. I'm excited and scared and sad to be without Ned and also to be a tourist in my homeland. I'm taking the new laptop with me that got the name "dellgato" somehow (well, it's a dell) and I'll be posting from there.

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painted fish studio said...

have a wonderful trip! and congratulations on all of the "press" - it's great to see your work getting that wonderful exposure!