Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakfast at home

Twisted my ankle last week, which meant a couple of days of house arrest till it heals.
In those days Ned and I skipped our regular tradition of breakfast out and instead had breakfast at home.
after 2 days of not eating out we both noticed a lot less craving for sugary fatty food, less hunger in general and feeling overall much better.

Talking about it we realized that what we like most about the eating breakfast out is the leisure of sitting and talking, being out of the house and interacting with people, and spending time with each other away from the computers and the chores at home.

We are going to try and find new ways to have all those things in a not-related-to-food ways.

I don't know if it'll last or not, but I do know that after a big salad and a slice of bread, I'm feeling more energetic and calm then after a grill cheese sandwich or cornbread and egg hash.

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