Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life in the city

Yesterday, I watched a super cool video my friend Heidi from Moleskin Exchange made. It was called "hot Chicks" and were showing her new chickletts, soon to be chickens. Watch hot chicks here.

Heidi lives in a farm, her life is as different then mine as I can imagine being surounded by both farm animals and widelife.

Today, on my way to breakfast then into the city for a couple of important meetings, I found my hot chick - a yellow rubber ducky waiting to cross the road...  

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henniemavis said...

HA! Your hot little chick is cuter than mine! I should've gotten ducklings this year, darn it ;-)

Thanks for promoting my feeble video attempt. Bet I'd get lots of hits if I promoted better... "See Hot Chicks Live!! Girls, Girls, Girls!! XXX !!" ...the X's are kisses on their fluffy little heads... what did you think? HA!