Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cake Topper

A couple of months back a really nice girl bought one of my cups, and told me she is going to use it as a cake topper, it sounded really cool, but I just couldn't imagine it on top of a cake. So I asked her if she would send me a photo, once the wedding is done.

Today, I got a lovely e-mail from her telling me about the beautiful wedding they had, and sending me a photo of the cake, which turned out to be personal serving of flowerless chocolate cake.

I'm always surprised and so happy when people send me images of my art in their houses, I learn so much from the creativity and style they use to make my items something i never thought about.


Anonymous said...

Yay - my cake photo is on your blog! I'm glad you like how I used your gorgeous vase.

henniemavis said...

It truly is nice to have others embrace one's art in usual ways, and share the joy of that with you in return! This photo is lovely :-)