Monday, August 4, 2008

Vases and thought


We are having a difficult day, actually it started really well, I woke up feeling more healthy then I have in 2 weeks, and we were planning of submitting a PDF presentation I made the day before, Ned was making phone calls and sending it out in e-mails to a bunch of magazines.

Later we went into the city for a meeting and grocery shopping in a cool health store. When we got back, Ned went to the gym and I rested, feeling sick again. When Ned got back he was really sad and scared, this whole presentation thing made him really stressed out, he was laying in bed being sad and fell asleep. He's still sleeping now 5 hours later.

So I spend the evening alone, feeling sort of abandoned and lonely, I'm working on a new Suite of Tarot decks, but I just wanted to do something fun and unchanging so I made those little vases.

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soulbrush said...

i really like your bog, will be back to visit (again and again).